Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Big Ships

The Big Ships

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Greetings from San Diego, where I've just spent a quick 24 hours with clients. As you drive to the airport here you look across to Coronado Island, home of much of the US Navy's Pacific Fleet.

You also often see aircraft carriers, on of my favorite objects on Earth.

Today we have two: On the left, CVN 76, the USS Ronald Reagan, and on the right, CVN 68, the USS Nimitz, the first of the modern super-carriers.

The apeture on my phone's camera doesn't do these ships justice. They are much closer than they appear, and they dominate the western landscape.

One of my dreams is to walk on one; perhaps one day I will.
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At 8:31 PM, Blogger j said...

If you're elected President you can burn off half a million dollars in taxpayer money to go visit one for a timely mid-election photo-op. I'd vote for you.
(You could also get your ne'er-do-well older brother a cushie position as ambassador to some place with great skiing and loose women -- oh, wait, never mind -- we already have a place in Utah). Bwaaa-ha-ha-ha!!!!!

At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might also visit your sister and go to the shore with her and go on board the Enterprise. It is impressive. I would like to see the newer ones and how tey compare with the Enterprise. g


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