Friday, March 04, 2005

Up For Air

Location: Bonaire, Netherland Antillies

Hi suckers folks. Having a grand time here on Bonaire. Lots of diving. Lots of sun. Lots of rum. Not a lot of work. A recipe for perfection, I know.

Here's a little photo to illustrate how I've been spending my time:

Call it an Antillian self-portrait.

Tomorrow I head back into the fray, though ... making my way ultimately to the Bahamas via transfers in San Juan and Miami. I'll be working there (honest), but I'm not complaining: Nassau beats Minneapolis any day of the week.

Amazing how soft your skin gets here, down South of Panama ... and outside the window of the terminal on which I type: rustling palm trees, flowering shrubs, a pool, and blue, blue sky.

Ahhh ... gather ye rosebuds while ye may ...


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