Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Morning Read

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Spending a weekend home with Wifey before heading to Paris this afternoon. It's a beautiful if crisp winter day here; a perfect day for curling up in front of the fire and catching the action in Las Vegas.

But before we do, it struck me that it's been a while since I've put up a Morning Read. So, with an intention to do so more often, here we go:
  • Class vs. Ass. Bobby Knight takes on Eddie Sutton today in a matchup of two Hall of Famers with 1,600 wins between them. Too bad one of them is an un-apologetic asshole. Watching Bobby Knight is like watching an older guy in the workplace who still calls women "sweetie." He may produce results, but he's a dinosaur in a mammal's world.

    I've always liked this line about Bobby Knight: "If I ever need a heart transplant, I want Bobby Knight's ... because it's never been used."

  • Boards gone wild! Looks like Iger is in at Disney to replace Eisner. He's doing so, of course, on Eisner's timeline, not the Board's. Fact is that Disney's Directors have been in the palm of Eisner's hands for years as he drove the company into mediocrity (save Pixar, which is Job's credit anyway). Disney, Qwest, not to mention the WorldComs and Enrons ... they're all examples of companies where the Boards were happy to let management control the management / governance relationship while the Directors coasted on their status, pay, and easy quarterly meeting schedules. That's why the board of HP deserves credit for making the switch on Carly now, and not waiting any longer (which would be even easier given her role as a "celebrity CEO").

  • Sit at the feet of the master. Warren Buffett has released his 2004 Chairman's Letter, the single most required piece of investment reading each year. Not only is the advice world class, but Buffett's writing style is equally wonderful. If only he'd blog ...

  • Yes, Virginia, there ARE raccoons in the desert. Nice post over at Highways West today ... I love Ken's "you don't know squat about the West" smart-ass tone. The post also reminded me of my encounters with the Striped Skunk, especially that time I awoke to one in our tent down Capitol Reef way. Stoopid friend-of-my-girlfriend-at-the-time: "Ohh ... I should close the zipper all the way?" luckily, Mr. Skunk ate his fill of Cheetos and made way without dispensing of us all. But it was close.

    And while we're on the topic of desert rodents, my favorite: the Yellow Bellied Marmot.

  • Wikipedia entry of the day: The Buffalo Bisons.

  • The Next Blog: Wow. Depressing. Had to click around for 20 minutes to find a decent random blog to point to. 6,000,000 blogs out there and, well, most of them are ... uhh ... well, special to someone, I'm sure (as is this blog, I'm equally sure). That said, here's one worth seeing: Creative Generalist.


At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should have been next month, I hear April in paris is grand. But you have a job to do. Have a safe trip and a safe home.


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