Friday, February 18, 2005

Mossberg Shmossberg

Today Walter Mossberg (tech writer for the Wall Street Journal) posts an article titled While Switching to Mac Will Improve Security, It Isn't for Everybody. It's a bit odd coming from Mossberg, who's made a reputation (and a name) for himself in recent years for trashing Windoze and pimpin' Macs at every turn.

Regardless of the reasons for his trimming the Mac sails, in reading the piece I have to say: "Humbug!" Our switch has been seamless. And as I was just saying to Wifey ... only moments ago ... "I love our Mac."

Mossberg is missing a key point amongst his talk of application crossovers and MP3 player compatibility: it's a point about style.

The fact is: The discourse creates us. We reflect our surroundings, to a much greater extent than our surroundings may reflect us. (Or as I often tell clients: "If you take Harlem and drop it in the middle of Hollywood, it's gonna become a lot more like Hollywood ... Hollywood isn't gonna become a lot more like Harlem."

The best reason for switching to Mac isn't its greater security or its greater ease of use ... although those are fine reasons. The best reason is the Mac's aesthetics. There's substance to style, and the Mac has it in droves. Using one not only makes you work better, it not only makes you feel better ... as discourse, hell, it makes YOU better.

Macs make us better people, at least for the time we spend in front of their screens.

And that's all the reason to switch I need.


At 2:45 PM, Blogger mediaguru @ said...

My reason for using a mac is much more simple: Windoze sucks.


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