Thursday, February 10, 2005

I Track The Blogosphere So You Don't Have To

This is extremely cool: The Blog of Henry David Thoreau. Entries from his diary, blogged on the date of their original entry. Today's entry:
Now if there are any who think that I am vainglorious, that I set myself up above others and crow over their low estate, let me tell them that I could tell a pitiful story respecting myself as well as them, if my spirits held out to do it; I could encourage them with a sufficient list of failures, and could flow as humbly as the very gutters themselves; I could enumerate a list of as rank offenses as ever reached the nostrils of heaven; that I think worse of myself than they can possibly think of me, being better acquainted with the man. I put the best face on the matter. I will tell them this secret, if they will not tell it to anybody else.
Tip to moleskinerie.


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