Saturday, January 15, 2005

The NFL on CBS: Sucktacular!

Sitting here watching the Stillers / J.E.T.S.JETSJETSJETS game. It is, unfortunately, on CBS. Every time I see the NFL on CBS I'm struck by the total shittiness of their coverage. CBS NFL coverage is shit. S.H.I.T.SHITSHITSHIT.

Forget that CBS runs more commercials during their NFL coverage than any other network, never missing an opportunity to run even a 15 second spot. Today they torture us with Dick Enberg and Dan Dierdorff. Dierdorff is the only person on planet Earth that makes our fair president appear articulate. He's a graduate of the school of the painfully obvious, with striking observations such as "he lowers his head, and that will draw the flag every time" and trite cliches such as "you gotta dance with who brung ya." Enberg is, well, just very tired.

The wife and I were just remarking that it's football coverage for 73 year old white guys in Peoria. It's like the whole damn network is run by Dan Rather, not just the news organization. They're so out of touch, in fact, that they just ran their "Fantasy Notebook" segment, clearly with no appreciation of the fact that every fantasy league in the free world shut down with the end of the regular season. Don't you think it's a bit difficult to field a fantasy team when there's ... uhhh ... ONLY 12 TEAMS LEFT PLAYING!?!?!

Please, bring me FOX. Please ...


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Charley Foster said...

Well yes, Fox. EXCEPT that Joe Buck is so indignant since he didn't GET Randy Moss' JOKE about the drunken Packers fans who stand out in the parking lot of Lambeau MOONING opposing teams as their buses drive past. Sheesh what a moralistic DICK.

(I was rooting for the Steelers. I win a tall scotch).

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Charley Foster said...

Can that be right - the Vikes are supposed to win by 7.5? Crap. That means they're going to lose.


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