Monday, January 10, 2005

The Morning Reads

A quick post before the car picks me up for the airport later this morning.

About the new Mac: Loving. It.

The switch from the PC has been effortless: the Mac has read every file, including all Office files, photos, graphics ... everything ... without difficulty. I did have to export / import the MS Money files into Quicken as .QIF files, but that's no surprise given how Microsoft doesn't like to play with competing software titles. Mail even reads my Microsoft Exchange Server data from work with no problem, so I have access to my office folders and contacts as well.

I've played with my wife's iBook some over the past year, but after a weekend of this I can't frankly see why anyone would ever buy a PC again. I know I won't. Being a power user I think I became desensitized to what a pain in the ass PCs can be to use ... and using the Mac has been effortless.

Besides, it looks better. And aesthetics matter.

Now, to the morning reads:
  • Just friends. Seems Jen and Brad are splitting up. Hard to believe: I typically expect megalomaniacs to stick together, but the world's full of surprises. More interesting is the part Angie might have played. Just goes to show you: it's possible to get tired of sleeping with any hot chick ... even Jennifer Aniston.

  • There's always the Trilateral Commission. What will Dick do now that most of his job's been done? What he did before: Running the Trilateral Commission and picking who will win the NCAAs every year.

  • Press "Triangle-Circle" to do a push up. Seems the geeks and the jocks are finally getting together with video games that make you skinny. If they could incorporate it into FFX, my wife will be the happiest person on Earth. Now if they could just create a Madden that gives me the body of Terrell Owens ...

  • The next blog: itsjustmehereat.
That is all.


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