Saturday, January 22, 2005

Getting The Inside Skinny On The Weather

For a couple of years now I've relied not on our local National Weather Service forecast to get a bead on the weather, but on the NWS forecast discussion. This is a text product that the NWS forecasters put out for other meteorologists, giving an update on what's happening and what they expect to happen. It's kind of a "one pro to another" thing, and while it's got some jargon and shorthand in it that can be hard to decipher, reading it makes you a fly on the wall as the forecasters try to figure out what's going to happen, and what they're ultimately going to put in the forecast that you see.

Here's an example of the forecast discussion for Salt Lake City. You can find one on any NWS location home page, and they're usually either posted under "Text Products" or "Forecast Discussion" or something similar.

I just bookmark the local discussion page and check it whenever we're wondering about the weather.

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