Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Day After

The world is still here. And we're not even hung over.

All told, not a bad state of affairs.

We did, though, get relatively pounded with snow yesterday and last night. See for yourself:
And thank goodness I ventured out for beer yesterday; we tapped about half a case through the afternoon and evening. Can you imagine if we faced the AFC and NFC championship games without beer on hand?


Yep. Playing with fonts today. Quite easy in Blogger ... why not make the most of the thing?

On today's agenda? Paperwork, blogging, and football. Like my web hottie, I have no problem being housebound; in fact, I enjoy it. I've already hit the roof with the roof rake, a necessity as our older home is highly susceptible to ice dams. We're expecting 30-40 mile per hour winds today, though, so we'll be holding off on the driveway until the drifting has passed.

So that's our day.

One last thing: last night we (finally) saw Lost In Translation. Wifey and I both enjoyed the film, but we came to separate conclusions about its tone. I found it uplifting; her, not so much. What was your take?


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