Thursday, December 09, 2004

Rummy, Fertility, And Willy ... Oh My!

You'll be glad to know (I'm sure) that I finally hit 10,000 steps. Over 10,200 in fact ... but it took a trip to the gym and an evening of walking Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago to make it happen. Seriously: Go to McDonald's, get an Adult Happy Meal, which includes a salad, water, and pedometer. Slap that sucker on (the pedometer, not the salad) and walk around for a few days ... you'll be astonished how far below the suggested 10,000 daily steps you are.

Some morning reads:
  • Maybe the rum's in his coffee? Rummy told a bunch of reservists yesterday to suck it up. You go to war with the army you have, he said. True, but how he said it said, Tough shit, pal. Chris Dodd has called the response "cavalier." In the very least ... I'd call it an example of a guy so used to bullying the press (not always unwarranted, mind you), that he treats all audiences the same. They're not all the same ... especially when they include people putting all life and fortune at risk to protect your freedoms. Let Rummy slide into one of those HUMVEEs and make the trip north ... it'll be armored-up the next day.

  • You know, it is kinda hot... Researchers now tell us that laptops may impair male fertility. Duly noted--and I'm now typing this with the ThinkPad on the desk, thankyouverymuch. Still, I do spend a lot of time working with my laptop on my, well, lap. The fact is that laptop or no I still have a larger fertility issue: constant travel. One last item on this: a comparison in headlines ... same story is here under Chestnuts Roasting Over An Open FireWire.

  • ... So maybe I should just turn it off? Another answer to the laptop/fertility issue: turn the computer off completely. I am a highly connected individual: Laptop and Treo Phone give instant access to phone, voicemail, email, and Internet, anywhere. And I turn the things off all the time. You have to use the media, not let it use you, otherwise you live in world in which you attend to everything, and in doing so, really attend to nothing. It's called continuous partial attention, and personally, I think it saps the marrow out of life. So unplug once in a while, eh?

  • I shall call him "Willy." Seems a lone whale, with a wholly unique voice and song, has been haunting the Pacific for over a decade.

  • And finally, The Next Blog: Still Chubbin On.
Have a great one, y'all ... and turn off that PC for a while ...


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