Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Naps, Wawa, And Mind Hacks

Greetings from Chicago, the last pre-home leg of the Everett Early December Mid-West Tour, 2004. Couple dashes of juice for your java this morning:
  • Naps, just 35 cents a minute. MetroNaps is making hay in Manhattan by selling 20-minute naps to the sleep-deprived on the street. The founder, a former investment banker, got the idea watching colleagues fall asleep in meetings (which confirms my long-held suspicion that much of Wall Street is, well, asleep). Looks cool, and it's a great idea ... especially since we now know that sleep makes you skinny. Me, I've been an advocate of naps since watching my family-doctor-pop take them as a kid. "Don't make noise," my Mom would say, "your father is sleeping." My strategy? Nap from the time they close the door on a flight until takeoff ... about 10 minutes. One last thing: Do the sleep pods remind anybody else of these?

  • Babawawa? No, Bababullshit! Watching O'Reilly last night, I almost couldn't believe my ears as I listened to Babawawa defend her selection of pop-ho Paris Hilton as one of the most fascinating people of 2004. What's interesting is that as Bill unpacked it for her, Baba ultimately made the argument that it's the public that finds Paris fascinating--evidenced by her enormous popularity--and that's why she's on the show. But wait? Is the name of the segment 2004's Most Fascinating People In The Mind Of The Public? No, it's not. I mean, Jesus is probably getting the most public attention this time of year, and he's not on the show, is he? Bottom line: we have yet another journalist being unmasked for what she really is: a rating whore. They should call the show Most Fascinating Hos Of 2004 ... it'd be more accurate.

  • Hack your mind. Found this on BoingBoing. I hate linking stuff other people have linked, but this is pretty cool. And now you can know why the eyes in that painting of Uncle Revis follow you around the room ...

  • How Jesus Cornered December. Imus had Jon Meacham on this morning profiling the current Newsweek cover story on the origins of Christmas. All sorts of talk about the disciples and the gospels and such that was lost on me, but it seemed quite an interesting blend of religion and science. (That's right ... no smartass commentary, just a link you should go see.)

  • Finally, The Next Blog: Are We There Yet?
Now ... y'all get back to work, and I'll do the same.


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