Monday, December 06, 2004

Morning Reads

Morning one and all. It's a quiet morning in our house ... mornings start around 5:30 here, so it's still dark out ... and I'm making my morning web rounds with a nice hot cup of coffee and the room lit with the lights from the tree.

Some items in the Interblogospherenet today:
  • Musharraf says the Iraq war has made the world "less safe." Ummm, this is a little like a drug lord complaining about obesity as a health threat (or lobbyists complaining about what advertising is doing to politics). The Pakistani frontier is a playground for Islamic fundamentalism, and until 9.11, Mr. Musharraf's nation was an enabler of Islamo-terrorism equal to Iran, but without the benefit of the Mullah's autocratic control. Put his quote in the "Most Ironic Things You Heard In 2004" file. At least Musharraf can focus on the problem, and not bother himself with pesky distractions ... like the democratic process.

  • Merde sainte! Where's cette dernière bombe?! Seems the French have a nasty habit of (1) sneaking plastic explosives into passengers' luggage to train bomb-sniffing dogs, and (2) losing track of said explosives. Said one French official: "[the procedure was] susceptible to making the relevant passenger run a risk in the eyes of foreign authorities when arriving in the destination country." No kidding?

  • Hold on a second! When I cheered for a simplified tax code, nobody said anything about eliminating the federal deduction for state and local taxes ... (A nice addition to this story? The question of whether it's all just a Rovian plan to punish the Blue Staters in CA and NY. Bad Blue Stater! Bad!!)

  • Today's Wikipedia Featured Article has another clue for you ...

  • The Next Blog: My Unspoken Thoughts. (Not unwritten, however.)


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