Friday, December 03, 2004

The Morning Muse

Well ... back home again after spending the week in Washington D.C. and Chicago, and frankly, it was great to sleep in a familiar bed and wake up next to something warmer and more feminine than my TravelPro rollaboard. (Good for you, honey! You still outrank the suitcase. God, I'm romantic.)

Regardless, there are a number of items that catch our eye (yes, I'm sitting here with the Queen of England) as we scan the morning news:
  • Micosoft gets in the blog business. And having spent the past 10 minutes playing with "Spaces," I find it, like most things Microsoft, clunky and without personality in its first iteration. (Example: no easy way to tag hyperlinks to text in an entry. What's a blog without links, yo?) But it does have Trackbacks (not standard on Blogger), and a photo album, and lots of little bells and whistles ... and if the goal is to provide a scrapbook for the masses, they're on the right track. If it's to get into blogging ... which is much more about a medium for the creation of social networks ... well, there's still some room to go yet.

    That said, if Big Bill keeps at it (which he will ... remember the Microsoft Philosophy: embrace and extend), in time I expect they'll get better (as they have in nearly everything else). Still, open-source is the future baby, and in blogging, it's got a head start.

  • Lesbian minister defrocked. Sad for her, truly. But it does remind me of a limerick: There once were two ladies from Birmingham, and here's a story concerning them. They lifted the frok and diddled the ... well, I'll leave the rest to you.

  • Another reason not to interact with erratic drivers. Via Fark.

  • Huh? From head of the nation's largest police force to head of the nation's largest intelligence and security policy apparatus? Somebody get the net. What was the conversation? "Well, he was there on 9/11, and he is used to chasing bad guys ..." The administration defining homeland security as law enforcement ... not a good sign, folks.

  • The Next Blog: Bujang Lapuk Abroad. Click the "Next Blog" button up there in the right-hand corner of this page and it takes you to a random Blogger blog. For me, it was Bujang's site.

  • Finally, a nice post from my Web Hottie. My writing may be "beautiful and descriptive," but hers is good enough to publish, and it's high time some editor out there figured this out.
Have a great one, and as my brother would say: "Mind your top knot."


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Yuen Li said...

Thanks for the mention. :) In the interests of accuracy though, "Bujang" is simply Malay for "Bachelor". "Bujang Lapuk" translates roughly as "Old Bachelor", although "Lapuk" can also mean "dilapidated". :)

At 12:32 PM, Blogger Everett said...

And thank you. I'll be reading.


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