Monday, December 06, 2004

Jesushchrist, Dude

Blogging this from 35,000 feet using my Treo, which I'll also use to make the post upon landing ... pretty slick what you can do now with PDAs, eh? Hell, I'll even spell-check the sucker with Docs to Go.

Our little three hour flight to Dallas has turned into a five hour adventure due to a line of thunderstorms between us and Big D. What's more, the jackass in front of me figures this is the opportune time to put his seat all the way back, turn up the volume, and share a Seinfeld DVD with his buddy sans headphones.

Jesushchrist, dude ... there are people trying to sleep on this plane. As much as I fly, people ... people who fly all the time ... never cease to amaze me with their lack of consideration on airplanes. I mean, honestly: who the fuck turns on a television in an airplane? Who are these people? Who raised them?

I take it as further evidence of the breakdown of civic responsibility in our society, but that's a matter for another day ... for now, I'll remain in my little, personal battle with the jackass in 2F.


At 4:24 PM, Blogger j said...

At least you're flying first class. How about this one: The other morning I go to the airport and enter the "expedited" line into the security check-point, reserved for first-class and "MVP Gold" members of the airline at issue. I don't do this unless I'm in a hurry to catch the flight (which, I admit, is almost always), but when I do, I at least try to be sensitive to those half-dozen people who are at the front of the 75 foot line in front of which I have just stepped. Not the lady behind me, who waits three seconds and then asks, not even remotely politely, "Are you going to go?" I say "Yes, I just thought I'd let these people directly in front of us get through," to which she replies -- I kid you not -- "The whole point of this line is that we _get to go first_." I respond with "I think we all take off at the same time," then let another four or five people go in front of us (to their great delight, having heard our exchange -- two of them make a point of saying "thanks" to me). I then proceed through security and go up to the gate, which is just beginning to load. Ms. "Better than Coach Customers" pushes her way through the crowd to board as a first class customer. I wait for the crowd and board at the end of the rush, then take my seat next to, you guessed it, Her Highness and Mightiness. Sort of a quiet flight over to the Emerald City. Just goes to show, though, that flying "first class" doesn't mean you have any.


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