Saturday, December 18, 2004

Hangin' With Class (Or Without)

Hello, folks. Hope this finds you just super.

Ahhh ... the end of the year. There's a week of work left, but for us, it's like the holiday has already started. I'm home for a good stretch, and then will spend some time vacationing over the holidays with wifey. But frankly, a week at home without travel, even while going into the office each day, is still like a holiday to me.

As part of my efforts to bring culture to the masses via this space, I wanted to offer a brief lesson on Christmas tree ornaments and their cultural variance. In doing so I'll use two general examples. The first is the White House Christmas series of ornaments, which my mother has given us each year for God only knows how long. These are beautiful, intricate, elegant and historic ornaments, and we love them. I've only ever seen one family (outside of ours) that has them, and they're keepsakes that we'll pass on to our kids one day (or the dog and cat if it comes to that). Here's an example, the ornament for this year, taken with my crappy phone camera:

2004 WH Ornament

To see a non-crappy photo go here.

So that's classy Christmas tree ornament culture. Now let me offer its antipode, which is not-so-classy Christmas tree ornament culture. I'll illustrate first with our Eric Cartman ornament, which usually rides on the model train that circles our tree, but here makes an appearance among the boughs for your viewing pleasure:


Second is our Flying Pig ornament, which soars in a high and prominent place on our tree:

Flying Pig

In an odd twist of this cultural comparison, the Flying Pig ornament was actually given to us by my mother-in-law, who has an absolute shitload of class. But she also knows that one of our favorite bars is called "The Flying Pig," and in testament to her own convivial English heritage, gave us this ornament in honor of the pub.

I could further illustrate the cultural comparison with photos of our 8 Car and 20 Car ornaments, but I think you get the point.

So, to summarize: High-class ornament culture = White House Christmas Ornament series. Not-so-high-class ornament culture = Eric Cartman ornaments, Flying Pig ornaments, and NASCAR ornaments.

What's important (I knew I better find something important here) is that whether you're an ornament of high or low class doesn't matter ... all are welcome on our tree. And there's the point, friends and neighbors: it doesn't matter what your culture, high class or low, as long as we all hang together.

Of course, some my try to be both high and low class simultaneously ...


At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh .. the royalties for the use of my likeness keep on paying ... the gift that keeps on giving!

~ Wifey

At 11:33 PM, Blogger j said...

"an absolute shitload of class." My, but you _do_ turn a phrase.


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