Sunday, December 12, 2004

Game Day

Holiday party last night at the home of one of my wife's best friends. Swanky deal: catered, bartender ... and a couple of double vodka martinis for me (just to put a nice blur on the past week). Fun party with some nice people, but frankly I was itching to get back home, get to bed, and wake up again so I could play with the three PS2 games I picked up yesterday:
I'm a big fan of first-person shooters, if you can't tell. So that's the rest of my day, at least until I head to the airport tonight (flying to San Diego).

Something you should do: go read Prosoundblog. The view from inside the music industry. Great stories. One of my favorite parts:
I'm standing at the bar on break waiting for a drink. I hear this kind of weird smacking sound, followed by something hitting my leg.... I hear another smacking sound and something hits my leg again. I look over to see one dude punching another dude in the mouth. Each time he punches the dude one of his teeth flies out and hits my leg.


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