Wednesday, December 01, 2004


It snowed like hell in Chicago last night. Sideways blowing snow, big fat flakes ... the whole deal. Being out in the burbs as I am, this morning I awake to a vista of white frosted trees below bright blue sky. Not a bad how-do-you-do for the morning after all.

Couple of musings today:
  1. Ty Willingham fired at Notre Dame. Bad news, that. Now my hero can pursue his dream (and shatter those of Utes everywhere).

  2. Matt Lauer replacing Dan Rather. Uhhhh ... no. Thanks, but people more interested in fashion than journalism need not apply. Tim Russert? That'd be great ... would save CBS ... but then who'd beat the shit out of Condi Rice on Sunday mornings?

  3. Paul Begala hates the DNC. Cool. He should. If you didn't see or hear Begala on Imus yesterday morning ... you know, the interview where he summarily dismissed Mary Beth Cahil as incompetent? ... it's hard to appreciate the viciousness of his attack. Problem is, he's right: the current DNC has destroyed the Democratic Party. And Howard Dean as chair? Oh yeah ... that'll fix it. YEAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Just my morning musings. Have a great day yourself, y'all.


At 11:00 PM, Blogger Everett said...

Well, the commenting system seems to work. Let me take this space to reiterate: Urban Meyer GOOD. Please stay. Thank you.


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