Saturday, December 18, 2004

Da da ta da da DA da DAAAA!

The title is a verbal representation of this sound. I post it because I've just heard it, and I suspect I'll continue to hear it the rest of the night, as well as tomorrow, and, likely, most of this coming week.

Why? Because my wife has taken controller in hand and started a new Final Fantasy X campaign. And when you win a battle in this game, that's the sound that plays.

Now, once she starts ... she won't soon stop.

As addictions go, it's not all that bad. Me? I'll treat it like a movie, and enjoy the show. And all the time in the background, should she be winning, we'll hear Da da ta da da DA da DAAAA.

In fact, there it goes again. Perhaps there's a game within a game here? Every time you hear the Final Fantasy victory chime, DRINK!

Off to make another gin and tonic ...


At 11:30 PM, Blogger Brian said...

As addictions go I wrote a bit along the line of gaming. Im afflited with it and at times so is my fiance.


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